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Ideas to Practice Speech Sounds in Conversation


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Ways to Practice Speech Sounds In Structured Conversation at Home

Commercial Games:

Guess Who

Guess Where


Other Ideas:

*Go Fish

*I Spy

*Find pictures with your sound(s) in magazines and make collage, tell someone about all the pictures you found

*Retell a favorite/well-known story

*Draw a picture and tell about what is happening

*Build something with blocks, Legos, Play-doh etc. and tell about what you built

*Hide an object – take turns hiding or asking questions to figure out where the item is

*Make a craft, talk about each step that you do

*What ___ am I? (animal, toy
, piece of clothing, piece of furniture, body, vehicle, tool)  Take turns thinking of an item in specific group and asking questions

*Place an item in a bag – first describe what the item feels like and then guess what it is

*Put a puzzle together and tell about the pictures

*Give directions how to complete a short task, while the other person follows the directions (make a sandwich, draw a simple object, do a chore)

*Tell others what’s on the dinner menu for the night

*Give today’s weather report and the weather forecast for tomorrow