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Graduation Requirements


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West Holt High School Graduation Requirements (Revised 2018)

West Holt High School Graduation Requirements (updated 12.9.21)


A West Holt course taken for one year (two semesters) is worth 10 credits.  A single semester is worth 5 credits.  To graduate from West Holt High School a student must have earned a total of 240 credits (a minimum of 140 required and a minimum 100 elective credits).


***Beginning with the class of 2024, a course in Personal Finance or  Life and Career Readiness will be required for graduation.  




ENGLISH (4 years needed)- One year of One Acts/Speech class may be substituted for one semester of senior English.


MATH (three years needed)


SCIENCE (three years needed) – Physical Science and Biology are required.  The third year can be fulfilled by taking Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy/Physiology, Forensic Science or Animal Biology/Veterinary Science.


SOCIAL SCIENCE (three years needed) – World History/Geography, American History and Modern Problems are required.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION (one year needed) – Physical Education or Weights fulfill this requirement.


TOTAL CREDITS NEEDED – 240; 140 required and 100 electives





Freshman – Algebra 1A

Sophomore – Algebra IB

Junior – Applied Geometry OR Geometry

Senior – Algebra II OR Algebra II/Trigonometry

(A student who took Geometry or Applied Geometry could take Statistics with instructor approval)



Freshman – Algebra I

Sophomore – Geometry

Junior – Algebra II/Trigonometry OR Algebra II

Senior – Calculus OR Statistics OR BOTH


Three years of Math are required to graduate from WH; most four-year colleges require at least Algebra II completed.  Please note: Algebra IA and Algebra IB count as two years at WH, however for college admission requirements IA and IB only count as one year (IA and IB together = Algebra I).  Be sure to check on college admission requirements.

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