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Big Week for Husky XC

Coach Kraus

October 11, 2021

Last week was a long week for the West Holt Cross Country teams.  It started with the large amount of rain we received on Wednesday night, flooding parts of the golf course. Due to this we had to reschedule the West Holt Invite to Monday the 4th.  We did lose a few schools due to the rescheduling, but the competition level was still good. 

            We only had one junior high boy runner because the rescheduled date fell on the same day as a junior high football game.  Max Karo ran a strong race and finished 19th in 7:50.1.

            The junior high girls were crowned meet champion and they were led by Ava Hoffman who finished as meet runner up.  Her time was 7:00.7. Pavan Larson finished 4th in 7:03.4. Cale Deseive also medaled with her 13th place finish in a time of 7:32.0.  Felycia Kerkman missed the medals by 4 seconds as she placed 17th in 7:44.0.  Berkleigh Dvorak crossed the line in 8:01.7 to finish in 22nd.  Taylor Walnofer placed 31st in 8:15.4.  Emersyn Mlady and Anel Monasterio placed 35th (8:39.2) and 36th (8:39.9) respectively.  Rounding out the junior high girls was Madison Kratz in 39th (8:43.8) and Daphne Mitchell in 40th (8:45.1).

            Maddie Davis brought home the gold medal while leading the Lady Huskies to a 4th place finish.  Her time was 21:43.9.  Also medaling for the girls were Abby Thiele in 18th (25:33.6) and Hannah Olson who finished 19th in 25:39.6. Rylee Poessnecker finished in 22nd with a time of 27:22.8. Lily Vogel crossed the line in 28:26.3 to finish in 28th place. 

            Tyler Jelinek led the boys team with his 7th place finish in 19:00.4.  Ian Larson was right on his heels in 8th with a time of 19:05.7.  Drew Martin finished in 11th with his time of 19:45.7.  Nathaniel Nelson earned a medal with his 19th place finish, as he crossed the line in 20:37.1.  Rylan Olson ran 21:58.9 to finish in 35th, and Brody Deseive placed 65th with his time of 24:59.2.


            After hitting the lines with a fresh coat of paint Thursday night we were right back out at the Atkinson-Stuart Country Club on Friday for the Niobrara Valley Conference meet.  Both of the high school teams finished 3rd on the afternoon while unofficially (no junior high team scores are kept in the NVC) the junior high boys were 3rd as well, and the junior high girls finished the season undefeated with another team championship. 

            We had all three boys back for Friday and they ran very well.  I think all three boys saved their best races of the season for this meet.  They were led by Jamison Slaymaker’s runner up finish in 6:42.5.  Ian Shane found himself on the medal stand with his 9th place finish in 7:20.2.  Max Karo also ran a strong race and missed the medals by only 2 places as he finished 12th in 7:49.3. 

            The top four Lady Husky junior high runners earned medals and they were led by Ava Hoffman’s runner up finish in a time of 7:01.3.  Pavan Larson and Cale Deseive placed 4th (7:04.5) and 5th (7:14.4) respectively. Felycia Kerkman ran 7:24.9 to place 8th.  Then came the blue and gold flood…Berkleigh Dvorak 14th (8:03.3), Emersyn Mlady 15th (8:06.0), Madison Kratz 16th (8:10.9), Taylor Walnofer 17th (8:12.8), Anel Monasterio 19th (8:21.0) and Daphne Mitchell 20th (8:26.2).

            Maddie Davis was the Niobrara Valley Conference Champion as she won the race by almost a minute in 21:05.2.  Hannah Olson placed 15th to earn a medal as she ran 25:31.6.  Rylee Poessnecker placed 16th (25:57.2) and Abby Thiele 17th (26:09.8).  Lily Vogel was 20th as she crossed the line in 27:39.2. 

            Tyler Jelinek’s time of 18:37.8 earned him the 4th place medal in the conference as he led the team on the day.  Ian Larson placed 7th in 18:48.7.  Drew Martin was 11th with his time of 19:41.8.  Also medaling on the day were Nathaniel Nelson in 14th (20:25.6) and Carter Gotschall in 15th (20:33.7). Rylan Olson had his final tour of the West Holt course as he finished in 23rd in a time of 21:34.4.  Brody Deseive crossed the line in 24:06.1 to claim 28th.  

            This Thursday the West Holt High School teams will compete at Ainsworth in the D-3 District Meet for a chance to compete in Kearney at the State Meet.


WH Invite Girls Team Scores


  1. North Central            22
  2. Neligh Oakdale        23
  3. Boone Central          26
  4. West Holt                  28


Top 10  


  1. Maddie Davis, WH                     21:43.9
  2. Daisy Frick, NC                          21:50.2
  3. Morgan Johnson, Boone C      22:17.0
  4. Jymmie Jensen, Bur                  22:53.0
  5. Natasha Zeisler, Boyd C          23:47.7
  6. Jayna Guggenmos, CWC        23:49.0
  7. Marissa Bennett, EV                 23:49.2
  8. Michaela Ravencamp, NV       23:54.1
  9. Shilo Shabram, NO                   24:10.9
  10. Lynae Koinzan, NO                   24:13.1


Boys Team Scores


  1. Boone Central                      23
  2. Elkhorn Valley                      23
  3. West Holt                              26


Top 10


  1. Raden Orton, NC                 17:25.6
  2. Harrison Dodds, Boone C  18:28.5
  3. Mason Hagan, NC               18:38.9
  4. Waylon Warneke, EV          18:40.5
  5. Isaiah Eckert, EV                 18:48.7
  6. Ashton Higgins, NO             18:47.2
  7. Tyler Jelinek, WH                 18:37.8
  8. Ian Larson, WH                    18:48.7
  9. Giles Deeder, Boone C       19:08.4
  10. Ethan Moses, CWC             19:34.8


Junior High Girls Team Scores


  1. West Holt            18
  2. North Central      23
  3. Boone Central    26


Top 5 JH Girls


  1. Delani Runnels, NV                   6:38.8
  2. Ava Hoffman, WH                      7:00.7
  3. Angela Frick, NC                       7:01.5
  4. Pavan Larson, WH                    7:03.4
  5. Taya Dickau, ON                       7:08.9


Junior High Boys Team Scores


  1. Valentine                         15
  2. Boyd County                   21
  3. Creighton                        25


West Holt- No Full Team


Top 5 JH Boys


  1.  Conner Rohrer, CRE               6:07.6
  2. Will Nelson, BC                          6:13.8
  3. Myles Moseman, RIV                6:15.3
  4. Isaac Cronin, VAL                      6:22.3
  5. Deklin Titus, VAL                       6:28.9


NVC Girls Team Scores


  1.  North Central                       15
  2. Neligh-Oakdale                   17
  3. West Holt                              22


Top 10 


  1.  Maddie Davis, WH                    21:05.2
  2. Daisy Frick, NC                          21:55.5
  3. Marissa Bennett, EV                 23:07.2
  4. Michaela Ravencamp, NV       23:10.0
  5. Katilynn Kaup, STU                   23:25
  6. Natasha Zeisler, BC                  23:31.5
  7. Lynae Koinzan, NO                   23:31.7
  8. Shilo Shabram, NO                   23:34.8
  9. Mariah Ost, NC                          23:48.0
  10. Jayna Guggenmos, CWC        24:00.8


NVC Boys Team Scores


  1. Elkhorn Valley          16
  2. North Central            19
  3. West Holt                  22


Top 10


  1. Raden Orton, NC                 17:25.6
  2. Mason Hagan, NC               17:55.4
  3. Waylon Warneke, EV          18:33.7
  4. Tyler Jelinek, WH                 18:37.8
  5. Isaiah Eckert, EV                 18:48.7
  6. Ashton Higgins, NO             18:47.2
  7. Ian Larson, WH                    18:48.7
  8. Owen Vondra, EV                19:14.1
  9. Luke Ludwig, STU               19:16.8
  10. Ethan Moses, CWC             19:32.5


No Junior High Team Scores



Top 5 JH Girls


  1.  Delani Runnels, NV            6:40.7
  2. Ava Hoffman, WH                7:01.3
  3. Angela Frick, NC                 7:04.2
  4. Pavan Larson, WH              7:04.5
  5. Cale Deseive, WH               7:14.4



No Junior High Team Scores


Top 5 JH Boys


  1.  Will Nelson, BC                   6:14.5
  2. Jamison Slaymaker, WH    6:42.5
  3. David Keber, CWC              6:46.2
  4. Tristan Mcleod, EV              6:69.0
  5. Ethan Zeisler, BC                7:02

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