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COVID UPDATE and Other - 3/16/2021

March 16, 2021

I wanted to inform all of our patrons of some changes that will be coming at the end of this week.  This will probably be a long message, but please read it.....thanks. 
Starting on Friday, March 19th, masks by students at school will be encouraged, but optional.  Please note that masks will be required on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week!  We have had some students who have struggled with this, so please talk with your child about the fact that they only have a few days left of wearinga mask and having to get a consequence for not wearing mask at this point would not be worth it!
Starting on March 19th, this is the same for staff members at West Holt; however, it is expected that staff, when in close proximity to students, will still wear a mask.  So when they teach at the front, or are sitting at their desk, not near kids, teachers can remove their mask if they chose.  But if teachers or staff members are assisting kids or in close proximity with group work, it is expected they will have on a mask.
Why this date you may ask?  First, many of our staff who have chosen to be vaccinated will have been for a week to a week and a half.  Second, with quarantine rules still in place, we didn't want state speech qualifiers to have to take a chance to be quarantined.  Our numbers have been very low over the last 4 weeks, which is very positive, but I would hate for something weird to happen and a student not be able to compete.
As stated, the quarantine rules are still in place, so we may have to send students or staff home if we have cases.  Finally, if we have cases, it is very possible that we may go back to masks at any time for a couple weeks.  Full cooperation will be expected if this has occur.
Other COVID/Mask notes -
  • Visitors can be optional mask wearers when they come in the building, but when they are in your classroom, probably working with kids, they should be masked.  Please understand this expectation prior to coming to school.


  • We will not require masks at elementary PT conferences for all in attendance; however, teachers have been given the leeway to require masks in their classrooms for conferences.  If that is the expectation for the classroom, please comply.  I have reassured our teachers we will not have issues with parents if they are asked to wear masks.  Teachers will set up rooms to allow for more than 6ft between teachers and parents.


  • There will be no changes to lunch as far as seating and location.  Likewise, no one will be allowed to come in and eat with students either.


  • Teammates will need to wear a mask when meeting with students.


  • Prom will be mask optional for students.  The only people allowed at the grand march will be parents/household members, and grandparents of those attending prom.  NO VISITORS will be allowed in the gym when the grand march is over.  Because of close proximity in the lecture hall, those who attend the Grand March will be expected to wear a mask.


Thanks to everyone for your cooperation throughout the school year.  We are not out of the woods yet, but we continue to get closer.  Please continue to encourage your children to practice good hygiene and social distance as much as possible.




Paul Pistulka


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