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Information of Lunch Items and Cost

August 09, 2018

I have had a couple of conversations recently with some parents that were wondering where all their lunch money went at school.  After hearing this and watching their children eat daily, I decided I might be able to communicate some information that would help prevent the look of shock I witnessed on some parent’s faces.


I would encourage you to fill out the Free & Reduced Lunch application. It doesn’t take long and if you have questions, we can help you with that.  Prices then would be FREE or .30 for breakfast and .40 for lunch.  Filling out the application benefits the school's Title 1 and Special Ed programs as well as the community by keeping daycare prices lower. 


A regular lunch cost is $2.85 per student with a 2nd entrée (2nd piece of pizza, burger, etc.) costing $1.65-1.90.  This cost includes endless food in the salad bar that most kids don’t take advantage of.   Items on the salad bar include:  applesauce, salads, pudding, fruits, and vegetables that most kids do not take advantage of.


Where the cost seems to add up quickly is that there is an Ale Carte that has items on it that the kids LOVE and seem to use often.  Some of those items and cost are: Cereal bar= 1.00; Rice Krispie=$1.10; Fruit Snack= .75; Pop Tarts= .75; Cookies= .50; Ice Cream= .50-$1.00.  These snacks add up quickly and I can say I have seen one student take up to 5 cookies or fruit snacks at a time that would equate to $2.50-3.75 on top of the regular lunch cost.  It is not unusual that a meal, with the 2nd entrée and a couple of fruit snacks, might add up to $6-8 per day.  I know most guys can gulp down 3-5 of those fruit snacks without blinking.


I am certainly not telling you what to do with your lunch account but hopefully informed some of you how the lunch money could disappear so fast.  Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions or need a printout of your bill, please give us a call.  I hope that this information was helpful.  Have a great school year.

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